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Feel free to comment and give suggestions about what you'd like to see here.

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Summarized list from earlier follower suggestions:

  1. Peek inside pussy, lips spread.
  2. Pussy shot with cock or toy.
  3. Dripping cum. (already did, check archive)
  4. Enjoying hubby and a toy at the same time.
  5. Sexy picture outdoors. (already did, check archive)
  6. Wet panties.
  7. Bent over with panties soaked.
  8. Down shirt or upskirt pictures.
  9. Riding dildo on a chair, while blowing hubby.
  10. Denim shorts cut-out pulled up to pussy.
  11. Purple dildo in ass.

Keep them suggestions coming.

I might not do all suggestions, but I’ll take them all into consideration.

Already have some photos coming out briefly, done before making this list.

[answers are enabled]

Asker sparehusband Asks:
I have two ideas (requests) for some future photos which I hope you'll like? 1. Enjoying your hubby and a favourite toy at the same time. 2. Dare to have a sexy picture taken outdoors. I wonder if these would these be possible and excite you...
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Hi sparehusband.

Thank you for your messages. I’ll add your suggestions to the list. We’re in the process of replying. :)

Keep ‘em coming.

(2. in the archive, you can find a boob shot taken outdoors on a run.)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Pic idea - you riding a dildo on a chair while blowing your hubby 😉
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thanks for the idea. I’ll put it on the list, we’ll post briefly.

Great body and a gorgeous pussy, Would luv to see it in use with a cock or a toy. Can we have a peek inside the pussy, with the lips spread? Dripping cum? Keep up the great work!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you for the kind words and very much for your suggestions.

I’ll ask lilmissjade about your suggestions. I’ll make a summarized list from earlier suggestions as well.


Good evening. I see your following, I think your my first. Love your blog.
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you. Like your sunrise 🌅 picture. ☺

Getting back to posting. ☺

Sorry for being AFK for so long. I will get back to posting and be taking some new pictures.
Thank you for all your messages and suggestions , I will be answering them as well. Keep them coming. I can never get enough comments and ideas. ☺


I’m ready for it. Are you lilmissjade? /hubby

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Reblog, if you’d help fuck my wife lilmissjade!

Donate, if you mean it.

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Asker okieperv1975 Asks:
I would love to see you in a pair of short short cuttoffs with the entire crotch cutt out like a frontal wedgey this would be very hotttttt on you
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:
Maybe even spread wide with your lips pulled out on each side you have such lovely lips
She is gone for the entire weekend, but let’s see, what she says, when she gets back. I’d love to see that as well. :)  /hubby
Asker mario69in Asks:
Love your blog
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you, I enjoy yours too.

In other news: someone write me some suggestions for pictures. ☺

You have such a nice boby m loving it
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Aww, very sweet of you to say. ☺

Nice HotWife :-)
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you very much. Nice hotwife too. :)
Great Tumblr you guys have.

Ready for action.

Asker superman6622 Asks:
Do you have some creamy panties pic
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

No, not at the moment.