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I’m ready for it. Are you lilmissjade? /hubby

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I’m ready for it. Are you lilmissjade? /hubby

Asker psanti611 Asks:
You are so gorgeous. Do you like to be dominant or subbmissive?
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Dominant for sure. I like to be in control.

Thank you for the compliment and for writing. I love to get messages or comments.

Asker b1ngley Asks:
I didn't see a FAQ and was curious... bondage?? Role play?? Tied spread-eagle???
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thanks for asking. :)

I prefer to tie up hubby. Don’t like it myself. Not sure about roleplay, will have to ponder that some more. spreadeagle -not tied. ;)

Asker cdrbond Asks:
Wow she is yummy. From a 6ft5 South African fan!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

She is very yummy indeed. From 6ft4 /hubby.

Thank you. Nice with a fan. ☺


Reblog, if you’d help fuck my wife lilmissjade!

Donate, if you mean it.

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Asker jihex Asks:
I like your body.i like fuck you baby
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you for the compliment(s). ☺

Asker hobllaa Asks:
You have an amazing body!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Thanks for following me luv.. luv ur pics as well you are so yummy your hubby is a lucky man!!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you very much. Damm right he is lucky. ☺

Asker scotsguy101 Asks:
What's your darkest, hottest sexual memory?
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Not dark, but threesome was hot. Mff.

Asker dontcareent Asks:
How would one go about for joining in a 3 some with you and /hubby
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

1) Reblog
2) Donate
3) Chat. (private) See if there’s chemistry, and if location and such is suitable. ☺

None of the above guarantees anything.

Thank you for the submission.  ☺

Thank you for the submission. ☺



Two messages got lost.
1. Request to post pictures of my wet pussy and panties.

I might just give that a try. ☺

2. Asking about videos.

I posted an ass shaking video not long ago. I’m thinking about doing more perhaps, but I need IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS. 😁

;) my little cock

User submission. Thank you.  ☺

;) my little cock

User submission. Thank you. ☺