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Asker okieperv1975 Asks:
I would love to see you in a pair of short short cuttoffs with the entire crotch cutt out like a frontal wedgey this would be very hotttttt on you
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:
Maybe even spread wide with your lips pulled out on each side you have such lovely lips
She is gone for the entire weekend, but let’s see, what she says, when she gets back. I’d love to see that as well. :)  /hubby


I’m ready for it. Are you lilmissjade? /hubby

Asker mario69in Asks:
Love your blog
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you, I enjoy yours too.

In other news: someone write me some suggestions for pictures. ☺

You have such a nice boby m loving it
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Aww, very sweet of you to say. ☺

Nice HotWife :-)
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you very much. Nice hotwife too. :)
Great Tumblr you guys have.

Ready for action.

Asker superman6622 Asks:
Do you have some creamy panties pic
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

No, not at the moment.

Asker psanti611 Asks:
You are so gorgeous. Do you like to be dominant or subbmissive?
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Dominant for sure. I like to be in control.

Thank you for the compliment and for writing. I love to get messages or comments.

Asker b1ngley Asks:
I didn't see a FAQ and was curious... bondage?? Role play?? Tied spread-eagle???
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thanks for asking. :)

I prefer to tie up hubby. Don’t like it myself. Not sure about roleplay, will have to ponder that some more. spreadeagle -not tied. ;)

Asker cdrbond Asks:
Wow she is yummy. From a 6ft5 South African fan!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

She is very yummy indeed. From 6ft4 /hubby.

Thank you. Nice with a fan. ☺

Asker jihex Asks:
I like your body.i like fuck you baby
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you for the compliment(s). ☺

Asker hobllaa Asks:
You have an amazing body!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Thanks for following me luv.. luv ur pics as well you are so yummy your hubby is a lucky man!!
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Thank you very much. Damm right he is lucky. ☺

Asker scotsguy101 Asks:
What's your darkest, hottest sexual memory?
lilmissjade lilmissjade Said:

Not dark, but threesome was hot. Mff.